New Homes in Florida & South Alabama That Meet EarthCents® Standards

Breland Homes is committed to building new homes that meet energy-efficient standards, and is a partner in the Gulf Power-sponsored EarthCents Home® program.

Mandatory features for EarthCents certified houses include:

  • A highly efficient HVAC system
  • High-efficiency water heating
  • Effective insulation
  • High-efficiency low-E windows
  • At least 50% high-efficiency lighting
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances

Benefits of an EarthCents Home can include:

  • Average savings of 25% to 40% on energy bills annually
  • Quieter, cleaner and more comfortable surroundings
  • Higher resale value on average
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Healthier for your family and the environment
  • May qualify for an energy-efficient mortgage
  • May qualify for ENERGY STAR® certification

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